ICE Contact can ping your friends after you go missing - ICE Contact | FREE Personal Safety App
ICE Contact is a FREE Safety App that delivers messages to friends & family In Case of Emergency (ICE). ICE Contact provides peace of mind for every situation and can help save your life. Visit today to learn more.
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ICE Contact can ping your friends after you go missing


There’s plenty of emergency messaging tools out there, but ICE Contact takes a different tack than most. It uses delayed messages to tell your friends something’s gone wrong if you don’t return when you planned to — even if you are out of mobile phone coverage areas.

Create a message and a time to send it; and it’ll be safely stored on the server. If you make it back to base in one piece, you can cancel it. If you fail to cancel it because you’ve been mauled by a bear, fallen into a ravine, or you ran out of battery on your phone, it’s all systems go. Your contact network is alerted to your absence, along with your last known location and your message.