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ICE Contact is a FREE Safety App that delivers messages to friends & family In Case of Emergency (ICE).

Peace of Mind for Every Situation

The App that can help save your life.

What People Are Saying

Who’s Your ICE Contact?

A positive outcome increases dramatically if search and rescue agencies are notified of a missing person within hours instead of days.

1. Create Message

Choose a friend or family member and tell them how they can help In Case of Emergency. (You can include a picture or enable GPS Tracking.)

2. Send Message Anytime

Send an Instant Message for emergencies OR create a Delayed Message and we’ll deliver it anytime you want. (You’ll receive a reminder before it’s sent.)

3. Message Delivered

Messages are delivered via In-App Notification, Email or Text. Even if your phone dies or loses service. (ICE Contacts do not need the App to receive messages.)

ICE Contact has been submitted to the App Stores and will be available soon. Enter your email and be the first to know.