How to Create a Delayed Message - ICE Contact | FREE Personal Safety App
ICE Contact is a FREE Safety App that delivers messages to friends & family In Case of Emergency (ICE). ICE Contact provides peace of mind for every situation and can help save your life. Visit today to learn more.
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How to Create a Delayed Message

Instant Message Delayed Message Instant Delayed
1. Chose Your ICE Contact

Chose friends or family members that you want to be your ICE Contact. (Delayed messages are delivered via In-App, Text and Email so your ICE Contacts don't need to have the app.)

2. Enter Your Subject

Are you going hiking, skiing, kayaking, surfing, diving, biking, riding, rafting, boating, flying, blind date or some other fun adventure?

3. Enter Your Message

Tell your ICE Contact how they can help you if something were to go wrong. (Include a picture or another attachment if you'd like.)

Where Delayed Messages are displayed
4. Enable GPS Tracking

Enable GPS tracking and ICE Contact has your back. (The app will track your entire journey and deliver a map with your location points.)

5. Choose Send Time

What day and time do you want ICE Contact to deliver your message? (Your message is guaranteed to be delivered. Even if your phone dies or loses service.)

6. Add Delayed Message to Queue

Your delayed message will be created and added to your message queue. (You will receive a reminder notification before it's delivered.)